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Dunkin Donuts

Hospitality - Restaurants

Dunkin’ Donuts needed a promotional item that would reward customers and include an incentive to keep coming back. The advertising mint box from Little Biz Box turned out to be just what they were searching for! The box offers fully customizable advertising space on all sides. Boxes were distributed to over 100 Dunkin’ locations and given to customers who purchased a combo meal, allowing them to receive a discount on their next combo meal. It was such a success that combo meal purchases at those locations increased 25% from the week prior! The company was thrilled and plans to expand the promotion to nearly 200 locations.



Marketing, Media and Publishing

Dutton Publishing has been advertising books since the mid-19th century, they needed an innovative way to promote their newest book, “Dracula: The Un-Dead.” The Little BizBox was the perfect solution! They printed the boxes to look like their new novel and had them distributed to shoppers entering bookstores. Little Biz Box was a hit with customers and helped boost sales for the book! Dutton was so pleased, they used the Little Biz Box again for upcoming book releases. 


Hospitality - Restaurants

Several Applebee’s locations were looking for a way to remind their customers that they’re a neighborhood business that cares. The Little Biz Box provided the perfect solution! They tied the promotion in with their latest ad campaign, “Go Green” because of the recyclable materials of the box. The Little Biz Box promotion helped reassert the restaurant as the go-to neighborhood hotspot. The promotion was such a success that it was extended from six months to a full year.


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