Distribution Jars & Containers

Perfect Branded Promotional Product to distribute your LittleBizBoxes™!

This really works!
Select one of these jars or containers, and fill with your LittleBizBoxes™.
Then, take them to your events, leave one at a our clients or referral partners!
These are available with or without your Branded Imprint, but we recommend BRANDED!


Success Story

A radio station had their sales people leave a jar of LittleBizBoxes with their clients to assure that the candy jar would stay visible in the clients business, every time the Salesperson would return for a sales call, the first thing that they would do is refill the candy jar.  
In fact, the clients enjoyed LittleBizBoxes™ so much, that if the jar became empty before the salesperson returned...the client would call the sales person and asked them when the sales person would return to fill the candy jar! What a wonderful way for the salesperson to get an easy appointment!  Of course, build goodwill!
This program won an Advertising Award presented from the Advertising Federation.


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How many LittleBizBoxes™ will fit into these containers?

Prices per each container ONLY, LittleBizBoxes™ additional.

M-08294FL - -26 oz ARC Flat Lid Elevation Candy Jar – 12 LittleBizBoxes
M-CAN08  - - 27 oz Square With Wood Lid Jar -12-14
M-CAN09 - -  41 oz Square with Wood Lid Jar   20 -23
A- CAN12 - - 64 oz Jar with Suction Wooden Lid – 35
A-CAN16  - - 37 oz Store n’ Go Jar – Bamboo Lid – 20 
A-CAN 17 –  44 oz. Store n’ Go Jar – Bamboo Lid – appx 21-33
A-CAN 18 –  64 oz  Store n’ Go Jar – Bamboo Lid – appx 35
All Jars are Glass and some are made in the USA. Prices show include a one color imprint. Setup $59.  Additional Imprint and full color imprint available at additional charge. 

Not Shown: 
STD-01 – Plastic Display Container with Lid – Clear – Appx 70 - $3.00 each -10 minimum
STD-02 – Plastic Bag – packed 100 – 75¢ each
Cust12 – Custom Box - 12 pack. Full color Imprint. USA . 300 minimum - $1.25 each. $60 set up.
Cust 24 – Custom Box – 24 Pack – Full color Imprint , USA. 150 minimum - $1.75 each. $60.00 set up (Please show image attached in this area – also already in photo area -

All jars and containers will ship under separately from your LittleBizBox™ order.

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