NEW: Strawberry Candy
#LBB-103-STRW NEW FLAVOR: Strawberry Candy

500 $1.14 each
1000 $0.89 each
2500 $0.85 each
5000 $0.75 each
10000 $0.65 each
25000 $0.57 each
Unique and the Best Branded Promotional Value available.
Looks like a Totally Custom Box, especially made for you...and it was!
Full color advertising space covers 5 totally customable sides of the Little Biz Box.
Approximately 25 mints/candy/gum in recloseable box with 4-color process high quality printing on all five sides.
Product and Packaging is Made in the USA Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
Light To Carry, Distribute Anywhere
Great for Tradeshows, Salesperson Leave-Behinds, New Product Intros, Create Brand Awareness Coupons, Scratch-Off Promotions, Business Cards and many more applications.
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Country of Manufacture
United States

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