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What is a LittleBizBox?



Say "HELLO!" to LittleBizBox...your next brilliant promotional tool! These little boxes (about the size of a matchbox) pack a powerful punch of cool branding.  Clever, mini-replicas of your logo or brand are splashed across five sides of full-color printing.  They are lightweight so they are easy to bring  and distribute at events and trade shows.


These LITTLE BOXES BRING ON BIG BRANDING. Isn't it time you create an instant and resonating brand connection among your customers and clients?


Match the candy contents to your logo, delight your customers with colorful Chiclets Gum or Spice it up with Cinnamon Red Hots!

Most Popular? Our Signature Peppermints, Chiclets Gum, and Chocolate Littles.


  • Introduce Your Business

  • Create Brand Awareness

  • Trade Shows

  • Tie-in to other Promotional Events                  

  • Introduce a New Logo

  • Drive Traffic to your Website 

  • Connect with your Audience

  • Launch a New Campaign

  • Kick off a Contest

  • Leave Behinds?

  • Design Your Own Coupon

  • Recruit New Users

  • Build Loyalty

  • Thank Employees

  • Point of Sale

  • Event Marketing

  • Introduce New Products

  • Just for Fun

  • With Meal Check

  • Front Desk



Brands who have used LittleBizBox in the past:

  • California Federal
  • Dos Equis
  • El Monterey
  • Fast & Furious Movie
  • Fed Ex
  • Holiday Inn
  • Bacardi (Coop with Bar)
  • Marriott
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Penn State/Hershey Hospital
  • Philadelphia
  • Southern Living Magazine
  • Sovereign Bank
  • Tomb Raider
  • GNC 
  • Comcast
  • Walgreens